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November 1, 2021

This is part 2 of the Zombie night videos, and this is part of the storyline that is: Who is the Man In Blue? In the previous video you took part as part of the team sent into to rescue survivors and recover rumours of a potential cure to the infection. You were about to get your head down in you quarters that overlooked this safe zone. But this Man In Blue showed up out of nowhere! Nobody knows who he is, what his intentions are, and why the Zombies stopped trying to attack when he showed up?! Also why doesn't he move! Maybe in future videos we might get another shot of this story, another night perhaps, what will the Man In Blue do next!

This video is the soundtrack to this story of the last two videos, and to the Zombie story The content Creator has in the head! With ups and downs very much like a movie, it has cool sections with straight beats, to Epic orchestral sections inspired by Hans Zimmer, then down to unnerving horror in the traditional sense.

This video also marks a first for Ambient Renders too! 4 Hours of 1980's inspired horror movie soundtrack music ambience, but maybe with a hint of Zimmer vibes thrown in for good measure.

So, what would a Zombie movie soundtrack sound like, if John Carpenter and Hans Zimmer got together?

I think that it would have the touch of epic Zimmer, but also very cool synth and guitar sounds that John Carpenter is known for! This 4 hour scene still the classic sounds of rain, thunder, but with Zombies and a playlist of 1980's horror movie soundtrack inspired music is played over the top.

All music on this was written by Aaron Miller (apart from Sarabande by Handel)

This scene was rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

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