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image  1 Benjamin Everett - Cooking up unexpected things
January 2, 2023

Cooking up unexpected things: it’s a bit like reaching in the fridge and throwing ingredients over your shoulder. That might work... that might work... A few land in the pot. When the rainbow dropped in, I fought it, but it fought back and stayed. Giving in with the indulgence, birds, palm trees, why not.... When you’re snug in the process, it easy to linger in the scene, so you keep cookin. This image might have more diverse locations than any other I’ve made, which makes me a little more hesitant about its harmony of flavors.Cookbooks are nice because we can rely on the taste of others, follow along with certainty. But being a chef you have to trust your own and stray from the known. Some experiments work, others fail, but you learn with each. I like to think Art, is when one’s craft accurately expresses an originality cultivated taste. We don’t have any silly sayings like ‘not trusting skinny chefs’ in the visual arts, but I had my fill and fun with this one. Maybe that’s part of what separates Art from Entertainment, or Journalistic perspective. What we share are kinda the leftovers - and I prefer that, from both sides of the plate. When you make something specifically for audience reaction, there’s a subtle sense of pressure, of needing. When you make something because you love it, and then share, the pressure is gone and mutual feelings can be more connected.
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