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image  1 Benjamin Everett - How about them apples upon apples upon apples…  sweet smuggled seeds of the expon
November 23, 2022

How about them apples upon apples upon apples... sweet smuggled seeds of the exponential. The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry. And it’ll continue Brooks, you lover of books, that’s natures fury. The Joad’s fight grows with a multiple factor, everyone is the central actor. Max making, max burning, minds fire for acquisition and yearning. Dopamine hums under hovering thumbs. Adrift between islands of conscious attention, look over here, check your mentions. Hal 9000, opening pod-bay doors of perceptions, to drones of addicts feeding on hidden mathematics. Beyond the infinite was an algorithmic prediction. The gravitational pull of artificial diction. Search the core for meaning and value, it’s beyond transaction, seeking infinite growth of the material is malefaction, the fruits of the reality tree are revealed in transcendent inaction. But apples are tasty, so a bite of genesis can shipped to your door if hasty.
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