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image  1 Benjamin Everett - Migratory interests
October 9, 2022

Migratory interests. I’ve been taking a little break from pixel painting and posting, exploring a few new fascinations. Then last month, DJI asked me to try out their Mavic3. Always happy to see through a different lens, I spent a couple weeks dodging fall storms in Idaho. (Really digging the extended battery life BTW.) Ironically, I’m now realizing my artistic process: harmonizing an eclectic array of images (somewhere around 30 here), isn’t so different than life process: harmonizing an eclectic array of interests. I really think the key is remembering to identify with the fascination, not the subject of it. Trust that single source of light, and the rest will sort itself in time, or Photoshop. #mavic3 #imageaboveeverything
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