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image  1 Benjamin Everett - Rock arrangement in sea minor
November 14, 2022

Rock arrangement in sea minor. I grew up on this beach, playing with toy boats, pretending boulders were islands. Things haven’t changed much. My fascination with scale is the same as it ever was. The large central rocks are actually just close up photos of the same stones from the beach. I built a small pool and arranged them separately in still water.Some of my favorite experiences with art started in boredom or confusion, then - after learning about the ideas behind a work, continued in appreciation. How cool is it that we can dialogue with anyone throughout history by responding to them with a few ideas of our own.This scene may just be a simple sunset (or a boring one), but in addition to memories and scale, here are a few of the random things I was musing on while working:Six Persimmons - The classic Chinese painting by the Buddhist monk Muqi. (An image that’s taken me years to understand).Zen gardens and stones - They’re often used as a cliche representation for dreamy, sleepy relaxation, spa treatments and the like, when the reality of Zen practice can be quite serious and ardent effort towards waking up. I’m fascinated by the popular culture misunderstandings, perhaps because I held them so long myself.Music - Visual spacing and rhythm, horizontal bars and notes: the staccato feeling of eye movement related to musical spacing and rhythm and spacing and rhythm and spacing and rhythm.
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