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image  1 Benjamin Everett - This image began last summer here in Idaho
December 9, 2022

This image began last summer here in Idaho. I have a habit of climbing random hillsides in the evening. Winding my way through sage forests, feeling like a giant above small trees. The central character here, was a dead and dried bit of sagebrush about 2 feet tall, that I collected for some unknown future use. Its been hanging about the house for the last six months, waiting to play.My first attempt with white spray paint as snow, didn’t work. It needed more contrast. The second attempt included a base layer of black, then one directional white to feel like the push of wind or light. Apparently this tree wanted an Eyvind Earle treatment, so the final step was to round the profile.With the tree finished, next came the fun of crafting surroundings. I scoured my archives for snow scenes and found a bunch, (some I’ve been waiting to use for years). To fill in the trees and bushes, I drove north to photograph near hot springs, where I knew everything would be covered in frost. The final image turns out to be a mix of Idaho, Alaska, and Alberta. When I started working a week ago, I was kinda in a funk, a fairly grumpy mood. What always amazes me, is how the creative process always finishes with good vibes. I really think creativity is a whole lot like tuning an instrument. We have to know our harmony and listen well within. You know the process is done when it matches some kind of internal resonance.
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