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image  1 Brian Skerry - Photo by #BrianSkerryHappy World Oceans Day
August 13, 2022

Photo by World Oceans Day!On #worldoceansday2022 it is especially important to remember that we live on an Ocean World, so on Earth every day is world oceans day.It seem that we often take for granted our connection to the natural world and to the ocean. 98% of Earth’s biosphere, where life can exist, is water. And regardless of where we live on this planet, every other breath we take comes from the sea. Yet, we have removed 90% of the big fish from our oceans, we’ve lost half the world’s coral reefs, we dump 18 billion pounds of plastic into the sea each year and we have expelled so much carbon into the atmosphere that we’ve changed the ocean’s chemistry, it is turning to acid.Our ‘Ocean World’ is unique and likely rare in the universe. My wish on World Oceans Day is that we celebrate our Ocean World with love, respect and protection. #nikonnofilter
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