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December 30, 2022

There is a bed in the corner under the window, so we have prepared a bedroom where you can sleep comfortably. A cozy bed, books to read, a tree swaying slightly outside the window, rainwater running down the glass, and the sound of rain by the window. It was produced by focusing on the good sleeping atmosphere that many people like. We think many people will be satisfied with sleeping. We hope you have a comfortable and deep sleep without stress, recharge your body and mind, and start a good day.

😊Thank you to all the subscribers who have sent a lot of support and support this year. Next year, We will give the strength to meet you with better sound and video.


Example of the production process of 'DREAMY SOUND'

Program Used - 3dsmax
- Premiere Pro
- After effect
- lumion
- Photoshop
- GoPro HERO10 Black
- Galaxy S10+

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