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image  1 ChrisBurkard - One of my most meaningful images… it puts me back in the moment - the bitter cold, sl
August 19, 2022

One of my most meaningful images... it puts me back in the moment - the bitter cold, sleepless nights, and awe surrounding the intersection of aurora borealis & incredible waves. Storytelling means many things, sitting around a campfire with friends, sharing about generations past. For me, it’s always been through sharing photos. This time it’s your turn. Share your most unforgettable, inspiring, and unique adventure photo & story with me, something wild and refreshing, that you risked a part of yourself for. I’m excited to judge an amazing photography competition hosted by to hear your best adventures.The winner receives partner flights to Queensland, AU and the opportunity to visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with our partners It starts now - enter by posting your photo to IG, share your story, add #MyNuiiAdventure in the caption, tag and follow . As a judge, it’s hard to choose between so many incredible entries... but know that even the most simple photos and stories behind them often have so much value to share with the world. #AD
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