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December 17, 2022

Hello all. I am excited to share the upcoming release of my latest book Two Worlds: Above and Below The Sea published by Phaidon. The largest most important border on Earth is the boundary between surface and sea that defines + 71% of our planet. In this frame a breaking wave reveals a secret coral garden on the Great Barrier Reef. As a National Geographic photographer I have spent five decades exploring and illuminating this border and what lies beneath. My favorite and hardest image to photograph is the half and half image - an image of two worlds in one moment. Two Worlds is a personal journey for me and a collection of select half and half imagery that is my photographic passion. On each assignment I search for those elusive moments that connect surface and sea and invite you to explore the world hidden below. You can pre- order copies signed by me directly from Phaidon using the link in the bio. With / #Ocean #Photography #MomentsInTheSea #GreatBarrierReef #71PercentOcean #TheLargestBorder #MoreOcean #DavidDoubilet #TwoWorlds with
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