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image  1 Dustin LeFevre🇺🇸 - Who else’s cats just always want to be outside
December 31, 2022

Who else’s cats just always want to be outside? People always seem surprised at the novelty of a cat on a leash but it’s the only way that we can take Oliver and Hank out with the pet leash policy. A couple tips if you haven’t tried to leash your cat or if you’ve tried and failed before.1. Get a harness for your cat and put it on them in the house. They will flop over, walk strange and crouch for a while until they get used to it. It make take a while but try it for a few minutes a day until they relax. 2. It isn’t exactly like walking a dog that goes where you lead. The cat is most likely going to be walking you on a leash rather than the other way around. Cats going to go where cat wants, just enjoy it. Any other tips for those that have been successful that you can think of? Comment below. #catonleash #cats #ragdoll #ragdollcat #catsofinstagram
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