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September 2, 2022

Various topics around the vast field of martial arts, 5 Ancestors Fist (Wuzuquan) with Master Yap Boh Heong, Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and Shi Heng Yi.

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Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe 姝愭床灏戞灄瀵 located in Germany. Learn more about the training methods to develop unity of body and mind, merging internal and external power.

Every year there are several retreats that are taking place in the Shaolin Temple Europe 姝愭床灏戞灄瀵, the monastery where Content Creator is living.

A retreat can either be a 3-day Retreat (Friday - Sunday) or a 6-day Retreat (Monday - Saturday). Every retreat is held under a specific topic, such as: Gong Fu, Qi Gong (e.g. Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, 13 Luohan), Meditation retreats and Rou Quan retreats.

If you are interested in joining any of these retreats, please take a look at all dates that are published on the website of the monastery:

鉃★笍 Monastery Website:
鉃★笍 12-Month Dedicated Training:

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