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August 31, 2022

It is a bathtub in a greenhouse that gives off the feeling of autumn. The warm water in the bathtub, the rain falling outside, and the various plants in the greenhouse create a cozy atmosphere. It's raining and the sound of rain on the wooden roof and the sound of rain on the windows is very nice. The sound of water being poured into the bathtub will also make you feel comfortable. Being in a bathtub in a greenhouse that feels like autumn can relieve body fatigue and heal mentally. Once you get into the bathtub, you will never want to get out. Even if your skin becomes wrinkled πŸ˜†


Example of the production process of 'DREAMY SOUND'

Program Used - 3dsmax
- Premiere Pro
- After effect
- lumion
- Photoshop
- GoPro HERO10 Black
- Galaxy S10+

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