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May 10, 2022

Escape the crazy world of today, and soak up the heavy rain and gritty atmosphere of this Dark Gothic City, this was inspired by The Batman movie that We saw recently, which We loved. So We decided that We really wanted to make the own version of Gotham City.

Part 2 of this scene will be coming once The content Creator has finished that version, which shouldn't be too long. We couldn't decided on what was best so We split this into two videos.

I hope that if you use this for sleeping that you can fall asleep fast!

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This was rendered in Unreal Engine 5, this is using some City Sample assets, along with some @KitBash3D assets also, We made big changes and We stripped out everything and rebuilt this whole city from scratch. We also spent a lot of the time on composition, lighting, VFX and atmosphere, changing meshes or making the own versions of the materials so things were a little more unique to the scene. All the VFX were created either in @Unreal Engine 5, where We used the reeal time Fluid simulation to make steam,@JangaFX VFX Software & Tutorials Embergen, or After Effects with the help of some Action VFX assets. For this scene We used ACES Colour profile for the first time also. Something that you cannot see so easily in this Part 1 of 2 scenes, is the real time volumetric smoke, We generated the own fluid simulation and you can see it just above the domed structure in the middle of the screen, all of the other smoke was made by myself using Embergen and then imported into the scene. The animated Metahuman Billboard is made up of the own Metahuman characters that We generated, and the own facial animations captured within Unreal Engine 5, which We then exported out and then generated the own billboard commercial in Adobe Premiere. The other billboards commercials are also the own made up using templates from Premiere to give things a bit of varation. All the VFX are completely made entirely from scratch by myself apart from the @ActionVFX assets that We used to make the splashes on the balcony in front of the camera, these were then intergrated into the scene using After Effects, The content Creator had a nifty little trick to get those splashes looking very real in the render, which happened by accident, but it worked out really well! The sounds used in this are a huge array of different sounds all sensitively put together to make an orchestra of Rain and City sounds. We hope that can help you relax, I'm not sure how well this could help you sleep, but if it can then that is great, this is made more to be an experience rather than a video to put you to sleep with.

Copyright information:
DO NOT copy, reproduce or redistribute the videos, in part or in full anywhere on the internet, We do not give permission unless its expressly given in writing by myself. Thank you

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Thanks again and sleep well

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