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August 21, 2021

Enjoy this New York apartment with rain on window sounds for sleeping on this cozy reading nook ambience. Listen this relaxing white noise and beautiful rainstorm sounds for relaxing, focus or sleep. This environment is perfect for you. The rainstorm are so relaxing, while the rain provides a beautiful background. This soothing rain sounds can help you in sleeping disorders, deep relaxation, insomnia, stress relief, natural stress reduction, sleep meditation, naturally relieve stress or anxiety. We hope you enjoy the new relaxing white noise and the new video perfect for relaxing and falling asleep in a deep and peaceful sleep at night.

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All of the ambiences, animations, and sounds are original.
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Artwork and Animations by © Cozy Rain

Yes Rain Sounds, Rain on Window or Thunderstorm, But Heavy Rain, or any other sounds like that. This is a white noise / rain sounds for sleeping of Cozy Rain or a nature sounds / fireplace / black screen / rainforest / ocean sounds but it is creating a new video for you!!! RAIN SOUNDS