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image  1 Paul Nicklen - “Antarctic Veil”
September 23, 2022

“Antarctic Veil” // Some images have the power to amplify every little sensory detail of the exact moment when they were captured. I snapped this frame after watching hundreds of whales dive deep beneath the glossy surface to feed on krill, the lifeblood of Antarctica’s delicate marine habitats. The whale rose and vanished within a few short seconds, leaving me with the echo of its blowhole clearing and the splash of icy water pouring from its fluke. But through this photograph, I can live in that fleeting memory. Still images give us pause and allow us to experience a point of quiet reflection free from the constant rush of time. Within that brief respite, I strive to create compositions that grab my viewers by the heart so they may learn to care for this wondrous, living world. // To inquire about this piece or view my entire fine art catalog, please visit the link in my bio. #fineart #limitededition #whale #humpbackwhale #krill #rosssea #antarctica
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