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image  1 Paul Nicklen - 'Arctic Ghost,' day 66 of ‘75 Days of Art’
December 16, 2022

'Arctic Ghost,' day 66 of ‘75 Days of Art’ / There is a bit of irony in the fact that photographing wildlife generally begins with the subject and photographer both doing their best to hide from each other. Thanks to its flawlessly white winter coat, this Arctic fox remained hidden from my lens for much longer than most of its wild brethren. It made the moment when it finally trusted me enough to step out into view all the better. Using a screen of ice-encased grass to help hone the focus and create a sense of stealth, I made the frame. Storytelling is more than simply documenting what is in front of you– it requires setting your stage by drawing in context and searching for the deeper meaning. Visit the link in my bio to inquire about this piece and view my print catalogue. #arcticfox #arctic #fox #photography #canada #wildlifephotography #photooftheday #naturephotography
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