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image  1 Paul Nicklen - “Path of the Grizzly”
August 27, 2022

“Path of the Grizzly” / Snow flurries fill the air and quickly cover the rocky shores of the Fishing Branch River, muffling both the sights and sounds of Canada's Yukon Territory. With the days growing shorter, this lone bear is down to its last opportunity to feast on salmon before crawling into its den for the winter. Looking at this image conjures a sense of nostalgia for the solitude of the far north where I grew up immersed in the rhythm of the seasons. I would spend my days reading the tracks of animals like a story written in snow while falling in tune with the inner workings of a complex ecosystem. Spending time alone with the wild things in our world cultivates the wild within and teaches us to be open to the unknown. / To inquire about this piece or view my entire fine art catalog, please visit the link in my bio.#BlackAndWhite #Bear #BrownBear #Grizzly #Yukon #yukonterritory #Canada #FarNorth #Nostalgia #Solitude #Conservation #Gratitude
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