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image  1 Paul Nicklen - ⁠”Seaside,” day 39 of “75 Days of Art”
November 18, 2022

⁠”Seaside,” day 39 of “75 Days of Art” / Penguins are extremely social animals that tend to nest, hunt, and feed together. There is, after all, strength in numbers, and when it comes to evading apex predators like orcas and leopard seals, operating as a group increases the likelihood of escape. As I photographed this small procession of king penguins heading down the shoreline, I had to wonder if their camaraderie was purely for survival or if there was a deeper bond between them. It can be difficult to measure the quality of something like a partnership or friendship between animals- or people for that matter. However, these are the questions that foster a better understanding of the creatures with whom we share this planet and breach the invisible walls we have erected between us and the animal kingdom. Click the link in my bio or visit to view my print catalogue. #penguin #penguins #kingpenguin #falklands
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