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December 14, 2021

Everyone has been up all night in calls and meetings, this is the morning after a long day in the company of Kendall Roy and his entourage. But you can get to enjoy a beautiful but rainy sunrise from this penthouse view of New York. So take a moment to soak up the view in this Succession inspired recreation of the Kendall Roy Penthouse at Hudson Yards, New York.

This is a loose recreation of the Penthouse used in the Succession TV show, Season 3, and is also a real Penthouse based at 35 Hudson Yards in Manhattan.

The Penthouse is currently (as of the time of uploading this video) on the market via Corcoran Agents, if you have the money, you can buy this place!!
Content Creator is not affiliated with, nor do The content Creator has anything to do with the show, the architects of the building, or the agents selling the property, but We thought people might find it interesting to see the listing that is online at the moment, because you can buy this property right now for a cool $49,500, 000.

Below is the link to the online listing of the property:

Also, the design of this building is by the Architect David M. Childs, and the interiors were designed by Tony Ingrao. Content Creator is not intending to take credit for the design of this Penthouse.

How We made it:

I used screenshots from the show that We cross referenced with the agent listing, and We also spent some time trying to find exactly where the building was by using the views outside the window in the TV show scenes, against the agent listing above, to see that its very much the same place, with the same views. Although in recent episodes they clearly show this is at Hudson Yards, but We was working on this before those aired. The content Creator has also noticed that it is not mentioned anywhere that We could find on the internet that 35 Hudson Yards was used as a filming location. But We believe that this is the same penthouse used as Kendall Roy's place during a conference call with Waystar at the start of Season 3, and throughout the season.

Because I'm a huge fan of the show! We wanted to remake it in 3D, not only did We want to recreate the Penthouse, but We also had the crazy idea to recreate lower part of Manhattan in 3D also.

You never actually see a sunrise or sunset in this Penthouse in the show, but We thought it looked really nice with a view over New York and the One World Trade Center shining like a beacon of hope over the city.

On a side note, We can also turn this into a full day to night cycle, if any is interested in making that We can, but We may have to loose the rain from the scene...

This scene was rendered using Unreal Engine 4.

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