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image  1 “Río Del Mar”
February 1, 2023

“Rio Del Mar” / From the moment I first laid eyes on the intricate canvas of the delta below, I was lost in the most beautiful patterns I had ever seen in nature. Whether you are shooting from a two-seater 3,000 ft in the air or capturing footage through a drone, it can be easy to lose sight of your overlying narrative through the novel lens of a birds-eye view. However, with a little patience and experimenting with different compositions, the threads of the story will inevitably be revealed. In “Rio Del Mar”, I used the distant mountains and sliver of blue sky to create a sense of vastness with the water’s branches reaching towards the horizon. The scene serves as a reminder that although the Colorado River no longer makes it to the sea, the future of our planet’s most precious ecosystems is still within our grasp— as long as we stand together to protect it. To inquire about this piece and view my full print catalogue, visit the link in my bio. #photography #naturephotography #mexico #coloradoriver
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