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September 18, 2021

This is a room We put together that is heavily inspired by one of the favourite TV shows 'The Sopranos' (my wife is actually a bigger fan than and this video was made at her request).

There is subtle lightning as to not wake you with the flashing, the rain and thunder sounds are the own recordings, the thunder is from a particularly thundery night here where We live. If you listen carefully the rain has a low end noise to it, that is rain hitting the ceiling of where We live too, with only a few patters against the window. We hope this scene helps you relax, or for just a bit of nice background ambience from the great show.

The lights go out around 30 minutes into the scene, so hopefully that can help you sleep in a darkened room.

I spent a long making this homage. The decoration above the fireplace was tricky but came out nice We think. The content Creator has also put in a reference to pie-o-my in this scene, I'll leave it to you find it 😉

I used UE4.27 to make this scene and We used Nvidia's RTXGI for the lighting, it looks fantastic! Almost on par with UE5, but not quite. But RTXGI is a lot faster with regards to performance than UE5 is, RTXGI is like a better version of Epic's SSGI, so We may just stick with UE4 for a while.

The audio is mine that We recorded and is real sound of rain on a roof from the interior point of view, as well as the thunder sounds. Some of models like sofas and lights are purchased to help put this scene together in a more timely fashion.

Thanks for watching and stay safe

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