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May 23, 2022

There have been occasional requests to make videos that are good for studying in the Pomodoro style. We usually don't make videos for requests, but this time We did. In order to make a special ASMR video, We made a Harry Potter Great Hall inspired by it. It took more time to make it in 3D than ever before. A lot of fireplaces were installed to suit the large auditorium, and the sound of the fireplace gave the effect of a sense of space. The sound of rain coming from outside the auditorium is heard little by little. We used the thunder visual effect, but the thunder sound was not used because it was distracting. We hope that this 4 hour video will be of great help in your studies and bring you closer to your goals.
Example of the production process of 'DREAMY SOUND'

Program Used - 3dsmax
- Premiere Pro
- After effect
- lumion
- Photoshop

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