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May 24, 2022

· Internal and External Medicine in Shaolin Practices ·

Who is Jiang Yu Shan?

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan visits the Shaolin Temple Europe in July / August 2022. 4 Workshops will be held exclusively in Europe.

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan · 江玉山 belongs to the 33. Generation of Shaolin and was rewarded with the 9th Duan in Chinese kung fu due to his ability in internal kung fu. Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan is an advanced practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapy, traditional massage and other Asian health practices. He is a highly reputable Master in the Martial Art Community and is the lineage holder of the traditional monkey fist door (Hou Quan Men) in Taiwan ➡️

More informations about Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and the upcoming workshops can be found

➡️ Website:
➡️ Workshop Overview PDF:

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Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺 located in Germany. Learn more about the training methods to develop unity of body and mind, merging internal and external power.

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