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image  1 Thomas Peschak - AMAZON - Andes to Atlantic is my #natgeo #insidenatgeo project supported by #rolex
August 25, 2022

AMAZON - Andes to Atlantic is my project supported by that will keep me in the field until 2024. For a total of 396 days I will document the aquatic underworlds of Amazonia. Starting in the Andes at 19,000 feet I will explore and photograph rarely glimpsed ecosystems, astonishing biodiversity and the unique relationships between people and these waters until I reach the Amazon river’s furthest most reaches of influence in the Eastern Caribbean. As a photographer and storyteller I have spent much of the last two decades at sea level immersed in ocean and costal worlds. So to now document rarely explored freshwater realms (both from above and below) in all their forms from high altitude glaciers and canyon streams to tropical rainforest rivers and swamps truly is the challenge of a lifetime. I will keep you all updated here as much as internet connectivity will allow. I am delighted to have you all follow along on my journey. The Andes to Atlantic logo featuring the iconic jaguar “exploring” the Amazon river’s unique underwater world was created by the very talented Cape Town graphic designer #natgeo #onassignment #perpetualplanet #rolex #andestoatlantic #nikonambassador
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