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image  1 Trey Ratcliff - 32 Nonexistent People At Burning Man (all 32 on the blog - just 10 here)And follow m
November 18, 2022

32 Nonexistent People At Burning Man (all 32 on the blog - just 10 here)And follow my new Insta at :) Tell your awesome friends - thanks!Well, I’ve been going a little crazy with this unusual form of “photography” where I sit behind a computer without a lens rather than a computer with a lens. I’ve always thought about my high-end cameras as computers that just happen to have a lens attached. Most of the smarts are inside the camera, and most of the “visions” of the photo come from my mind. The only shortcoming to that is I actually have to get my body to a location in a time and place to make it happen. Please note I still love regular photography, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. But I do quite like the idea of just visualizing very interesting images and communicating with an artificial intelligence to describe the kind of shot I’d like to see.I went through a similar thought process when I started drone photography. I was basically holding a computer in my hands with a screen, and I would tell the drone where to go. The lens did not have to be a few inches from my head. That opened up a 180 degree hemisphere of 2-4km around me where I could take almost any photo I wanted. Now, with AI, it’s kind of the next-level, where the lens is actually inside the computer.I’m a very visual person (in my head too), so I spent a long time doing a “dance” with an AI so that we could understand one another better and I am finally figuring out how to get realistic-looking people at Burning Man wearing rather amazing costumes. I’m using Midjourney version 4 for these, although I play with all the AI tools. It’s a command-line interface via Discord to communicate with the AI. It still takes a while to get the hang of it and you can see an example of the command used over on the blog.Here are 10 of my favorite creations so far. Note that some of the costumes are a bit over the top, but I kinda like that. I did photos in all sorts of different weather situations, day, night, males, females, many moods and temperatures. It was great fun to experiment with. You can see the rest of the 32 over on (link also in bio)Enjoy!#blac
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