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image  1 Trey Ratcliff - Hey in about 12 hours is the big reveal
December 26, 2022

Hey in about 12 hours is the big reveal! We sold out right away, which is kinda cool and weird because nobody has an idea wtf they bought! :) All they got are mysterious "card backs" and tomorrow they will flip over and people can see what they received. It's doing well in the markets and has done about 300ETH already.All 1,000 photos will be revealed from #1 to #1000, once per minute, all day long. Each one will have an accompanying story. I'll be doing live chat to talk more about the photos, the process, the embarrassing stories, etc etc. It's also an AMA, so feel free to ask anything you want!Below is a link to my discord where you can see the event!
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