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December 22, 2022

Winter Snowy Day in Coffee Shop Ambience with Smooth Jazz Music for Relaxing, Studying and Working.

On the street, white snowflakes are falling. Listening to melodic jazz music in a coffee shop ambience will help you relax, study or work.

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This ASMR Coffee Shop Ambience is perfect to assist your relaxation, focus, study, reading, work, sleep, stress relief and many other things.

♫ We believe that good music needs to be heard! ♫

🎵 Music: Coffee Shop Ambience
🎨 3D Art Illustration and Animation: Coffee Shop Ambience
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📼 How this artwork is made:
This coffee shop scene was modeled and created in 3D. The entire scenery itself was modeled, textured, painted and animated from scratch. Many hours and dedication goes into creating this video, original music and soundscapes for you!

☕ About Coffee Shop Ambience channel
Content Creators are making cafe music for relaxation, work, study, etc.
Enjoy the many original coffee shop ambiences with jazz music to provide good moments of tranquility, relaxation and calm.
All music in this video & artworks on this channel is completely original by Coffee Shop Ambience.

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Original Art, Music and Animation is Copyrighted by Coffee Shop Ambience ©

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