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image  1 Brian Skerry - Photo by #BrianSkerryI wanted to close out the year with this photograph of a happy s
November 5, 2022

Photo by wanted to close out the year with this photograph of a happy sperm whale calf named HOPE.We named this little whale Hope, because as a female calf she offered hope for the future to her family. Sperm whale families are matrilineal and are led by the older, wiser females.As 2021 winds down we see and read year-end-reviews and are reminded of much pain and suffering and so many serious concerns for our planet. But as a new year dawns, we are hopeful that we can make things better, make things right.In the time I have spent with whales I learned that their lives are difficult too. Sperm whales spend most of their life in the deep ocean searching for food. They must contend with ship strikes, entanglement, ocean noise, toxins and pollution. Yet every day or so, they gather together and reaffirm their family bonds. They rub against one another, play and close their eyes in what can only be described as joy. Although life is hard, they have learned that it’s easier together and that they need one another. And so do we.So, may this ’smiling’ little whale offer you Hope on this day and may the year ahead be bright!#newyears2022 #secretsofthewhales eWhales#nikonnofilter
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