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image  1 David Doubilet - From Two Worlds, Above and Below the Sea
December 3, 2022

From Two Worlds, Above and Below the Sea . My latest book with Phaidon. Some moments in the sea stay with you. Meeting this group of gentoo and chinstrap penguins is one. I found a group of penguins resting on a bergy bit near Danco Island in Antarctica. They were wary that I might be a predator as I snorkeled around their frozen island. Floating just beneath the surface the ice looked like an ice cream cone topped with penguins. A chinstrap nudged a surprised gentoo in the water. When all seemed safe, the penguins began to plunge in, circle like released party balloons trailing bubbles, hop back on and repeat. The air was filled the loud calls of braying penguins echoing across the water but what stays with me is the barely perceptible sound of the swoooosh as a penguin soars past you underwater. Pre-order a signed copy of Two Worlds using the link in my bio. With / #Penguins #TheLargestBorder #71PercentOcean #MoreOcean #TwoWorlds with
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