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November 23, 2021

πŸŒ„ 'Journey' Ambient Mix - is great music for two hours. Good for helping you to get inspired, relax, good for study and work for home. Great for playing in the background when you are walking. It doesn't matter what day it is, whether it's the beginning of the week or the weekend, you can always get pleasure. Just unleash your mind, your thoughts and be one with the mix.
The life is a great Journey!

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πŸ“ƒ Tracklist:
00:00 Parallel Highway - Farewell
04:09 We Dream of Eden - On Earth
08:03 Sleep Surgeon - Lucid Lullaby
10:24 Salt of the Sound - Awake Soul
13:08 Andre Corea & AAESPO - Iris
16:31 ivoryHAUS - Stillness
23:05 Elv - White Shores, And Beyond
27:54 4lienetic & Subsets - Stay Here With Me
31:18 Andy Leech - Mt. Fuji 7:15PM
36:46 Der WaldlΓ€ufer - Aurora
40:26 Stelliform - Morning Sun
42:14 Snowzard - Alice
44:49 Seth Austin - Your Love
47:37 Dave Griffiths & APvJ - Into Slumber
51:49 Jupiter Himself - Heavy Hearted
53:34 Sleep Surgeon - Chrysalism
55:33 IONA - Wet
59:33 Belle Brume - Fields of Gold
01:03:57 Antarctic Wastelands & Norvik - All Along the Harbour
01:06:18 From Somewhere Quiet - Shattered
01:08:25 Thomas James White - In The Wonder of God
01:11:32 Woulds - Even the Trees Will Sing
01:14:48 The Broken Cradle - A Question for Every Answer
01:19:50 Simon Wester - Revelation
01:22:29 Andy Leech - Drifting
01:26:45 Methyl Lily - Permafrost
01:32:23 We Dream of Eden - Borealis
01:35:07 Jameson Nathan Jones - Places We Could Have Gone
01:38:10 We Dream of Eden - Sacred Spaces
01:41:39 Methyl Lily & Stereo League - Smoke
01:45:57 Be Still the Earth - Between Worlds
01:48:44 From Somewhere Quiet - A Day Will Come
01:51:10 Vaeis Omar - Dawn
01:54:19 The Goodnight Project - Goodbye, For Now
01:59:17 The Spectral Quiet - We Might Be Okay
02:04:22 Woulds - Cure

πŸ“· Picture by Taylor Brandon

Parallel Highway
We Dream of Eden
Sleep Surgeon
Salt of the Sound
Andre Corea & AAESPO
4lienetic & Subsets
Andy Leech
Der WaldlΓ€ufer
Seth Austin
Dave Griffiths & APvJ
Jupiter Himself
Belle Brume
Antarctic Wastelands & Norvik
From Somewhere Quiet
Thomas James White
The Broken Cradle
Simon Wester
Methyl Lily
Jameson Nathan Jones
Be Still the Earth
Vaeis Omar
The Goodnight Project
The Spectral Quiet

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